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Los Angeles Filmforum, the Free Form Film Festival, and Video Data Bank Present:
Point and Shoot: Videos by George Kuchar


Los Angeles Filmforum, the Free Form Film Festival, and Video
Data Bank Present:
Starbound, New Videos by Mike Kuchar

With Mike Kuchar, Free Form Film Festival Curator Ryan Wylie, and Video Data Bank Collection Manager Tom Colley in person both nights!
At the Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian, 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90028

George Kuchar (1942-2011) ranks as one of the most exciting and prolific American independent film- and videomakers. With his homemade Super 8 and 16mm potboilers and melodramas of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, he became legendary as a distinctive and outrageous underground filmmaker whose workinfluenced many other artists including Andy Warhol, John Waters and David Lynch. After his 1980s transition to the video medium, he remained a master of genre manipulation and subversion, creating hundreds of brilliantly edited, hilarious, observant, often diaristic videos with an 8mm camcorder, dime-store props, not-so-special effects, and using friends as actors and the "pageant that is life" as his studio.

In 1984 Kuchar received the Los Angeles Film Critics Award in the Experimental Independent category. In 1992, he received the prestigious Maya Deren Award for Independent Film and Video Artists from the American Film Institute. In 1996 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. He taught at the San Francisco Art Institute for forty years, where he made many videos in collaboration with his students.

Mike Kuchar, cinematographer, painter and writer and brother of George Kuchar, was born in New York City. He began making 8mm movies in the 1950's, switching over to 16mm film production in 1960, and continues now, producing short motion pictures in the video and digital formats. Mike and George Kuchar were the co-recipients of the "Vanguard Director Award" at the 11th CineVegas Film Festival, 2009, and the 2009 "Frameline Award" at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. http://www.vdb.org/artists/mike-kuchar

The Free Form Film Festival has curated/organized over 120 public art events, bringing experimental media, documentary, and mixed media performances to small and large communities alike. In addition to a screening/ lecture/performance series in Salt Lake City and Denver, FFFF has peppered the SF bay area with independent experimental presentations since our festival premiere in 2003. Most recently, FFFF guest curated for the LIMITED ACCESS IV festival in Tehran and the annual event, Night Light, at SomArts Cultural Center in San Francisco.

Video Data Bank
Founded at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement, the Video Data Bank (VDB) is a leading resource in the United States for video by and about contemporary artists. The VDB Collection includes the work of more than 550 artists and 5,500 video art titles, 2,500+ in active distribution.

The VDB makes its Collection available to museums, galleries, educational institutions, libraries, cultural institutions and exhibitors through a national and international distribution service, and works to foster a deeper understanding of video art, and to broaden access and exposure to media art histories through its programs and activities. These include preservation of historically important works of video art, the perpetuation of analog and digital archives, publishing of curated programs and artists' monographs, the commissioning of essays and texts that contextualize artists' work, and an extensive range of public programs. http://www.vdb.org

Los Angeles Filmforum is the city's longest-running organization screening experimental and avant-garde film and video art, documentaries, and experimental animation. 2013 is their 38th year. www.lafilmforum.org

Artists' Television Access

The Free Form Film Festival presents, Transcosmic Geometry.
Static, feedback, interference and reception: analog and beyond, curated by Paul Baker and Ryan B. Wylie.


The night will open with performances by Lori 16mm of Medicinema FIlm Co. and close with a performance by Smokey Emery and Vision System.

participating artists:

Rosa Menkman
Andrew Benson
Van McElwee
Sabrina Ratte
Transcendental Shuffle
Thomas deRijk
Joel Cadman
Smokey Emery
Vision System

992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-3890

SomArts, San Francisco

Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party

One night only, Saturday, April 27, 2013, 8pm to midnight, the group exhibition Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party blankets SOMArts in site-specific luminous art installations, live music and performances, and digital and cinematic projections by more than 50 artists.

The Free Form Film Festival (FFFF) contributes a curatorial subsection to Night Light to appear alongside works selected by Justin Hoover, who conceived of Night Light and continues in the role of exhibition director and primary curator. FFFFs Transcosmic Geometry is an installation comprised of multiple CRT TV screens deconstructing video works using analog and digital video static, feedback, interference and reception.

934 Brannan St. (between 8th and 9th) San Francisco, CA 94103

(the studio in the Mass Communications building at DU): 2490 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO.

A project created with the assistance of:
The Free Form Film Festival, the DU Media Film and Journalism Studies Department, and the Marsico Visiting Scholars Program.


In Person: Sundance Film Festival Curator Shari Frilot
Shari Frilot runs the New Frontier division of the Sundance Film Festival. New Frontier is an experiment in festival presentation that creates a social and creative space for showcasing media installations, multimedia performances, transmedia experiences, and panel discussions. It is also a premier exhibition project for experimental media artist from around the world.

Free Form Shorts
New Short films from the Free Form Film Festival!
Program: Scavenger by Torben Bernhard, Marissa Bernhard, and Travis Low (Salt Lake City), Mouth and Enso by Timothy David Orme (Ft. Collins), The Voice of God by Bernd Luetzeler (Germany), Luxor by Van McElwee (St. Louis), Found: Nothing Lost and Open by Patricia McEnroy (Denver), Rabbit by Omer Gal (Israel), Evolution of an Image by Patrick Conrad (San Francisco), A Good Strong Roof by Tony Gault (Denver), ∞ Hour Energy, and The Letter by Chris Collins (Chicago)


In Person: Jeanne Liotta
Jeanne Liotta lives and works in New York City AND Boulder CO where she makes films and other ephemera including photography, works on paper and live projection performances. Her recent film project 'Observando El Cielo' takes place in a constellation of mediums investigating the cosmic landscape, and her film of the same title has been listed as a 2007 Top Ten Film by The Village Voice and Artforum magazine. Liotta is an internationally recognized experimental filmmaker and was represented in the 2006 Whitney Biennial with her 16mm film Eclipse.

In Person: Valerie Soe
Valerie Soe is a San Francisco writer, educator, and artist whose experimental videos and installations, which look at gender and cultural identity and anti-racism struggles, have exhibited at venues such as the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles the Museum of Modern Art and the New Museum in New York City.

In Person: Robert David
Film-artist and preservationist, Robert David, runs the local film lab known as "CinemaLab" and often lectures on the art of celluloid preservation as well as the importance of critical consideration of new and old media. This Thursday, David will show films and explain their individual relevance to "the medium" of cinema in general.


Ten Years of Free Form Film Festival and still going!

(2003-2013 Tours):

True False Film Festival: FFFF curated installations and performances (2005, 2009, 2010 2013)


-Tehran, Iran, (No Limits Festival at Parking Gallery, presented by Amirali Ghefeni)

-Rolla, MO, (Missouri University of Science and Technology, Free Film Series)

-LA, CA, (Egyptian Theatre) 'Starbound': two night event with special guests Mike Kuchar and Tom Colley (Video Data Bank)

-Denver, CO, (Free Form Film Series at University of Denver) A five-part series featuring special guest filmmakers Jeanne Liotta, Valerie Soe, and Robert David, as well as Sundance New Frontier curator Shari Frilot.

-Oakland, CA, (Temescal Art Center) FFFF presents: Transcosmic Geographies

-San Francisco, CA, (ATA) FFFF presents: Transcosmic Geographies

-San Francisco, CA, (SomArts Cultural Center) Night Light Multimedia Garden Party (subsection curated by FFFF)


-October: Salt Lake City, UT, Brewvies (Free Form Film and Video Series: It Came From Kuchar)

-September: San Francisco, CA, ATA (Free Form Film Series Presents...'Invisible Present', Amirali Ghefeni, guest curator) Live Performance by Cookie Tounge

-June: Columbia, MO, Ragtag Cinema

-August: Bromyard, Herfordshire, UK, (Wrong Directions Cinema Tent at Nozstock Music Festival)

-July: Salt Lake City, UT, Utah Museum of Fine Art (Free Form Film and Video Series)

-Spring: Denver, CO, Free Form Film Series, Denver: Series of six shows Featuring guest lecturers Jamie Meltzer, Jennifer Kroot, Blair Sterrett, Mike Kuchar, and Craig Baldwin


-July 30: Salt Lake City, UT, Utah Museum of Fine Art (Free Form Film and Video Series: The Land Alone)

-June 24: Salt Lake City, UT, NoBrow Coffee and Tea (Free Form Film and Video Series: Painters of Light)

-April 23: Salt Lake City, UT, Garfo Art Center (Free Form Film and Video Series: Culture Crash)

-CUAC ART BUS, videos curated for gallery tour bus. Six different programs total spanning six different evenings throughout 2011

-Houston, TX, Super Happy Fun Land

-San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Praise the Tube/Please Self Help Me)

-San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Bones and Balloons)

-San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Calvin and Sweetpea)


-December 16th: San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Awesome and Painful)

-November 18th: San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Lay Down Tracks)

-October 28th: San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Subjective Sanity)

-September 23rd: San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Return and Report)

-May 28: San Francisco, CA, Artist's Television Access (ATA) (Free Form Film Series: Culture Crash)

-University of Missouri, Rolla, FFFF 2009 program


-Free Form Film Series, Midwest: Three shows each at… Kansas City, MO (Screenland), Columbia MO (Ragtag Cinema), Lawrence Kansas (The Jackpot). Shows accompanied by Fire Dog, Felili, and Kanew (bands).

-LA, CA, (The Downtown Independent) FFFF 2008 Program


-Salt Lake City, UT, FFFF Presents Out/EX monthly film series at Nobrow Coffee and Tea and Utah Pickle Company (17 shows in total)

-Dec 2006: Provo, UT, Starry Night

-Portland, OR, (Rerato)

-Fall, 2006: LA, CA (Echo Park Film Center) Lay Down Tracks

-2006: Lollapalooza, Chicago, (The Double Door) live video mix

-Winter 2007: LA, CA (Echo Park Film Center)

-New York, (Le Petit Versailles)

-St Louis, MO, FFFF presents video on select nights (6 in total), St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum

-New York, (Le Petit Versailles)

-Chicago, IL (Rodan)

-The Cavern, NYC, "Hall of Mirrors" installation with "The Sweet Unraveling".

2005 Summer/Fall Tour:

LA, CA (Echo Park Film Center)

LA, CA (Cinespace)

Eugene, OR (DIVA)

Eugene, OR (The Bijou Theare)

Portland, OR (The Know)

Portland, OR (The Clinton St. Theatre)

Olympia, WA (The Capitol Theatre)

Seattle, WA (Rendezvous Jewel Box Theatre)

San Francisco, CA (ATA)

Salt Lake City, UT (The Tower Theatre)

Orem, UT (Utah Valley State University)

Rolla, MO (Rolla High School)

Sullivan, MO (Organic Grooves Festival)

Columbia, MO (Ragtag Theatre)

Columbia, MO (Columbia Art Walk)

St. Louis, MO (MadArt)

Dingwall, Nova Scotia (Octagon Art Center)

Halifax, Nova Scotia (The Maritime Conservatory for the Performing Arts)

Shelburne, Nova Scotia (Shelburne High School)

New York, NY (OfficeOps)

Palmer, MA (The Shed)

Burlington, VT (Club Metronome)

Montreal, Quebec (Concordia University)

Toronto, Ontario (The Music Gallery)

Madison, WI (The Orpheum Theatre)

Chicago, IL (Rodan)

Denton, TX (Dan's Silverleaf)

Austin, TX (Church of the Friendly Ghost)

March 2005 Tour:

Eugene, OR (DIVA)

Eugene, OR (Stuart Aquatic Center)

San Diego, CA (Media Arts Center)

Portland, OR (The Know)

Seattle, WA (Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre)

San Francisco, CA (The Roxie Theatre)

2004 Tours:


San Francisco, CA (ATA)


Provo, UT (Provo Arts Center)


LA, CA (Echo Park Film Center)

Eugene, OR (Corestar Cultural Center)

San Francisco, CA (ATA)


Austin, TX (Rhizome Collective)

Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves)

Dallas, TX (Magnolia Theatre)

St. Louis, MO (Antique Row Picture Show)

2003 Tour:


San Francisco, CA (Cellspace)


Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby Court)

Kansas City, MO (Westport Coffee House)


Columbia, MO (Ragtag Cinema)

St. Louis, MO (Fort Gondo)

Rolla, MO (University of Missouri Rolla, Free Film Series at Castleman Hall)